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CAC/PAC JF-17 Thunder
CDC Games
CK Life Sciences
COSCO (Hong Kong) Group
COSCO Guangzhou
CR Snow
CTS Main Channel
CTV General
Cabernet Gernischt
Cable TV Hong Kong
Cable TV Tower
Café de Coral (restaurant)
Café de chinos
Cai Cheng
Cai Chusheng
Cai E
Cai Fu
Cai Huijue
Cai Li
Cai Lun
Cai Qing
Cai Shangjun
Cai Shen
Cai Tong-Tong
Cai Xiang
Cai Xuetong
Cai Yong
Cai Yuanpei
Cala, My Dog!
Calabash Brothers
Calculus bovis
Call for Love
Camellia chrysantha
Camellia sinensis
Camerton (band)
Camping in Hong Kong
Canada-People's Republic of China relations
Canadian Chinese cuisine
Canadian International School of Hong Kong
Canadians in Hong Kong
Cancer (Chinese astronomy)
Candice Yu
Candy Chu
Candy Lo
Cang Xin
Canis Major (Chinese astronomy)
Canis Minor (Chinese astronomy)
Canoeing at the 2008 Summer Olympics
Canti Lau
Canton Tower
Cantonese opera
Cantonese seafood soup
Cao Baoping
Cao Buxing
Cao Dan
Cao Lei
Cao Mianying
Cao Qi
Cao Xi
Cao Xianming
Cao Xuan Duc
Cao Xueqin
Cao Zheng
Cao Zhibai
Cap cai
Caprice (restaurant)
Career Times
Caribbean cuisine
Carina Lau
Carl Dudley
Carl Ng
Carol Cheng
Caroline Marufu
Carrie Lam (actress)
Carrie Lam (politician)
Carrie Ng
Carry On Pickpocket
Cary Judd
Cary Kwok
Casanova's Chinese Restaurant
Cash (Chinese coin)
Cash (unit)
Cashew chicken
Cass Phang
Castle Peak, Hong Kong
Castle Peak Hospital
Castle Peak Power Station
Castle Peak Road
Castle of Heroes
Catherine Chau
Catherine Lim
Catherine McBride-Chang
Catherine Wainaina
Causeway Road
Cecilia Cheung
Celebration in the Air
Celeste Imperio
Celestial's Shaw Brothers Film Library
Celestial (Chinese)
Celestial Movies
Celestial stem
Cell Phone (film)
Cen Nanqin
Cen Xi
Center for China and Globalization
Center of Jewish Studies Shanghai
Center of Mathematical Sciences, Zhejiang University
Central-Mid-levels escalators
Central (Macau Ferry) Bus Terminus
Central Leading Group for Propaganda and Ideological Work
Central Market, Hong Kong
Centre Stage
Centre Street (Hong Kong)
Centre for Applied Ethics
Centro Digital Pictures Limited
Century Avenue
Century Lotus Stadium
Century Mountain
Century Park (Shanghai)
Century Sonny
Cerina da Graça
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
Cha Chi Ming
Cha siu bao
Chadraabalyn Lodoidamba
Chaenomeles speciosa
Chagan Lake (China)
Chai Jin
Chai Lee
Chai Ling
Chai Shao
Chai tow kway
Chaihu Shugan Wan
Chain whip
Chamaeleon (Chinese astronomy)
Chan-hon Goh
Chan Fai Young
Chan Ka Nin
Chan King Yin
Chan Kowk Wai
Chan Kwong-wing
Chan Laiwa
Chan Sai Kau
Chan Sarun
Chan Siu Kei
Chan Tung
Chan Wai Ho
Chan Wai Ki
Chan Wing-wah
Chan Yan-tak
Chan Yuen Han
Chan Yung-jan
Chang'an, Dongguan
Chang'an Automobile Group
Chang'an Grand Theatre
Chang'e 1
Chang'e 3
Chang (surname)
Chang Baohua
Chang Chunfeng
Chang Dai-chien
Chang Hao
Chang Shuhong
Chang Tung Lo
Chang Yongxiang
Chang Yuchun
Changan Ford Mazda
Changan Suzuki
Changchun Film Festival
Changchun Tram
Change (Jason Chan album)
Changhai County
Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation
Changhe Ideal
Changjiang Scholars Program
Changli County
Changsha County
Changyang Tujia Autonomous County
Changzhou Ancient Canal
Changzhou Senior High School of Jiangsu Province
Chao Chongzhi
Chao Gai
Chao Lei
Chao Meng-Fu (crater)
Chao Na
Chao Tang
Chao Yat
Chao hong guo
Chaohu City
Chaohua Wang
Chaojin Deng
Chaotian Palace
Chaoyang, Liaoning
Chaoyang Airport
Chapman To
Character Of Generation
Charisse Melany Moll
Charlene Choi
Charles Bawden
Charles Ching
Charles Goodall Lee
Charles Heung
Charles Kwan
Charles Rowe
Charles Ying
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
Charlie Grosso
Charlie Kosei
Charlie Soong
Charlton Nyirenda
Charmaine Sheh
Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China
Che Kung Temple Station
Che Yin Wong
Cheang Pou-soi
Chearavanont family
Chelsia Chan
Chen-2 bottom mine
Chen Ailian
Chen Baisha
Chen Baoguo
Chen Changjie (badminton)
Chen Chi
Chen Chunxian
Chen Chusheng
Chen Da (Water Margin)
Chen Da Wei
Chen Daofu
Chen Daoming
Chen Dayu
Chen Duxiu
Chen Guidi
Chen He
Chen Hong (painter)
Chen Hong (softball)
Chen Hongshou
Chen Huijia
Chen Jieru
Chen Jin Lang
Chen Jing
Chen Jingmao
Chen Jingrong
Chen Jingxuan
Chen Jiongming
Chen Jiru
Chen Jiulin
Chen Kenmin
Chen Kuan-tai
Chen Kun (actor)
Chen Lei (footballer)
Chen Li-Ju
Chen Lili
Chen Lin (painter)
Chen Lin (singer)
Chen Longcan
Chen Lu (painter)
Chen Lu
Chen Luyu
Chen Maiping
Chen Nan
Chen Pingyuan
Chen Qi (athlete)
Chen Qi (table tennis)
Chen Qian (pentathlete)
Chen Qihan
Chen Qin
Chen Ran
Chen Rong (athlete)
Chen Ruolin
Chen Shanshan
Chen Shen
Chen Shi-Zheng
Chen Shu
Chen Sicheng
Chen Tianqiao
Chen Tong (Fengshen Bang)
Chen Wei (athlete)
Chen Weiming (scholar)
Chen Wen Hsi
Chen Xiang
Chen Xiaoli
Chen Xiaoxia
Chen Xiaoxu
Chen Xiexia
Chen Xinhua
Chen Xiuke
Chen Xiwo
Chen Yaling
Chen Yan (born 1979)
Chen Yan (born 1981)
Chen Yanchong
Chen Yang (TV Host)
Chen Yanqing
Chen Yanyan
Chen Yi (composer)
Chen Yifei
Chen Yin (6th century)
Chen Yin (swimmer)
Chen Yixing
Chen Yongyan
Chen Yucheng
Chen Yun
Chen Yunchang
Chen Zeyu
Chen Zhen (fictional character)
Chen Zheng (Tang Dynasty)
Chen Zhenrong
Chen Zhihui
Chen Zhili
Chen Zhong
Chen Zhongshi
Chen Zi'ang
Chen Zihan
Chen Zihe
Chen Zuo
Chen Zuyi
Cheng'en Temple
Cheng Bugao
Cheng Fei
Cheng Gwan-min
Cheng Hui
Cheng I
Cheng Jiasui
Cheng Lei
Cheng Man-ch'ing
Cheng Shao-chieh
Cheng Shifa
Cheng Shuang
Cheng Siu-Keung
Cheng Siwei
Cheng Sui
Cheng Xu
Cheng Yanqiu
Cheng Yi (Tang Dynasty)
Cheng Yong
Cheng Yu-tung
Cheng Yu (musician)
Cheng Zhengkui
Chengde Polled
Chengdu-Chongqing dialect
Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute
Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group
Chengdu Brown
Chengdu Golden Apple Child Education
Chengdu J-10
Chengdu J-9
Chengdu Metro
Chengdu Military Region
Chengdu Railway Station
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Chengdu Xianglong
Chenghai District
Chengjiang County
Chengwu Guo
Chengzhong District, Xining
Chenxiang Huaqi Wan
Chenzhuang, Lingshou County
Cheong Fatt Tze
Cherie Chung
Cherrie Ying
Cherry Boom
Chery A11
Chery A13
Chery A15
Chery A1
Chery A3
Chery A5
Chery ACTECO engine
Chery QQ6
Chery QQ
Chery Tiggo
Cheryl Ann Wong
Chess in China
Chester Gan
Chet Lam
Cheuk Wan Chi
Cheung Chau Bun Festival
Cheung King Wai
Cheung Kong Center
Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings
Cheung Man Yee
Cheung Sha Wan Plaza
Cheung Siu-fai
Cheung Tat-ming
Chi (unit)
Chi Cheng (athlete)
Chi Cheng (musician)
Chi Kuan-chun
Chi Li
Chi Lin Nunnery
Chi Nei Tsang
Chi YueHan
Chi ball
Chiang Kai-shek
Chiang Si-qian
Chiang Yee
Chiba Bank
Chibi City
Chicheng County
Chicken feet
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Hong Kong
Chiko Roll
Children's Palace (China)
Children's Palace Station
Chilli chicken
Chimedbazaryn Damdinsharav
Chin Kar-lok
Chin Lin Sou
Chin Siu-ho
China's First Emperor
China's Next Top Model, Cycle 1
China's Next Top Model, Cycle 2
China's Next Top Model, Cycle 3
China's Next Top Model
China's Spiritual Need and Claims
China: The Rebirth of an Empire
China: The Roots of Madness
China-Africa Development Fund
China-Cornell-Oxford Project
China (Epcot)
China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology
China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center
China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited
China Aoyuan Property
China Automotive Systems
China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation
China Basin Stakes
China Bayles
China Beach, San Francisco
China Bohai Bank
China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra
China Central Academy of Fine Arts
China Central Chinese Orchestra
China Central Television Tower
China Clipper (1936 film)
China Clipper flight departure site
China Club
China Cola
China Conservatory of Music
China Construction Bank
China Corsair
China Cry
China Doll (film)
China Drive
China Economic Report
China Economic Yearbook
China Education Television
China Europe International Business School
China Experimental Fast Reactor
China Film Co-Production Corporation
China Film Group Corporation
China Film Performance Art Academy
China Foods Limited
China Forbes
China Formula Grand Prix
China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation
China Gansu Provincial Ensemble of the Peking Opera
China Geological Survey
China Girl: The Classical Album 2
China Girl (1942 film)
China Girl (1987 film)
China Girl (film term)
China Girl (song)
China Girls Mathematical Olympiad
China Gospel Fellowship
China Green Agriculture
China Green Food Development Center
China Grove (song)
China Guangfa Bank
China Guodian Corporation
China Heavyweight
China Heroically Stands in the Universe
China Hong Kong City
China Huadian Corporation
China Information
China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations
China International Consumer Goods Fair
China Internet Project
China Jiliang University
China Kantner
China Kingho Group
China Kong
China Krys Darrington
China Lee
China Media Centre
China Metallurgical Group Corporation
China Miéville
China Minmetals
China Molybdenum
China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting
China National Building Material Company
China National Coal Group Corporation
China National Film Museum
China National Gold Group Corporation
China National Heavy Duty Truck Group
China National Highway 110 traffic jam
China National Materials Group Corporation
China National Symphony Orchestra
China National Tea Museum
China National Tobacco Corp
China Northern Airlines
China Northwest Airlines
China Now
China Okasi
China Online Centre
China Pabst Blue Ribbon
China Peak
China Perspectives
China Petrochemical Corporation
China Philharmonic Orchestra
China Power Investment Corporation
China Railway High-speed
China Railways CRH380A
China Rally
China Record Corporation
China Resources Alcohol Corporation
China Resources Cement
China Resources Enterprise
China Room
China Science and Technology Museum
China Shenhua Energy Company
China Sky
China Software Industry Association
China Soul
China Southern Airlines
China Southwest Airlines Flight 4509
China Star Entertainment Group
China State Shipbuilding Corporation
China Syndrome (The King of Queens)
China Town (1962 film)
China Travel International Investment Hong Kong
China University of Petroleum
China Venture Capital Association
China Warrior
China West Technology Park
China White (band)
China World Trade Center Tower III
China Wu Culture Expo Park
China Youth Daily
China Youth Development Foundation
China Youth University for Political Sciences
China Zhongwang
China Zirconium Limited
China Zorrilla
China Zun
China at the 1984 Summer Paralympics
China at the 2008 Summer Paralympics
China at the 2009 East Asian Games
China at the Asian Games
China famous tea
China in Her Eyes
China men's national basketball team
China national badminton team
China national field hockey team
China pavilion at Expo 2010
Chinatown, Honolulu
Chinatown, Kolkata
Chinatown, Manhattan
Chinatown, San Francisco
Chinatown, Toronto
Chinatown Family
Chinese-American Planning Council
Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chinese American Citizens Alliance
Chinese American Museum
Chinese American literature
Chinese Artist Association of Hong Kong
Chinese Box
Chinese Buddhism
Chinese Burn (song)
Chinese Chongqing Dog
Chinese Cinderella: The Mystery of the Song Dynasty Painting
Chinese Food Made Easy
Chinese Food in Minutes
Chinese Football Association Footballer of the Year
Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center
Chinese Ghouls and Goblins
Chinese Giant Flying Squirrel
Chinese Girl
Chinese Golden Monkey stamp
Chinese Gourmet Express
Chinese Hero (arcade)
Chinese Heroes
Chinese Historical Society of America
Chinese House (Potsdam)
Chinese Imperial cuisine
Chinese Indonesian cuisine
Chinese Islamic cuisine
Chinese Journal of International Law
Chinese Medical Doctor Association
Chinese Mirch
Chinese Monal
Chinese Music Awards
Chinese Musicians' Association
Chinese National Badminton Championships
Chinese National Human Genome Center, Beijing
Chinese New Left
Chinese New Version
Chinese New Year
Chinese Odyssey 2002
Chinese Opium Den
Chinese Paladin 3 Plus: Wen Qing Pian
Chinese People's Liberation Army Forces Hong Kong Building
Chinese People's National Salvation Army
Chinese Piling paintings
Chinese Public Administration Society
Chinese Radio and TV (Netherlands)
Chinese Riviera
Chinese Serial
Chinese Silver Panda
Chinese Society of International Law
Chinese Society of Psychiatry
Chinese State Circus
Chinese Taipei national football team
Chinese Takeout
Chinese University Basketball Association
Chinese Village (Tsarskoe Selo)
Chinese Walk
Chinese Water Torture Cell
Chinese Zodiac (film)
Chinese aircraft carrier ex-Varyag
Chinese alchemy
Chinese alcoholic beverages
Chinese ambient music
Chinese animation
Chinese antique furniture
Chinese archery
Chinese armies in the Second Sino-Japanese War
Chinese armour
Chinese art
Chinese astrology
Chinese astronomy
Chinese bakery products
Chinese black pied
Chinese box turtle
Chinese bridge
Chinese bronzes
Chinese calligraphy
Chinese cardboard bun hoax
Chinese ceramics
Chinese characters of Empress Wu
Chinese chef
Chinese classic herbal formula
Chinese clothing
Chinese cuisine
Chinese culture
Chinese desserts
Chinese dormouse
Chinese dragon
Chinese dwarf banana
Chinese era name
Chinese false-eyed turtle
Chinese family of scripts
Chinese firefighting tank
Chinese fitness dancing
Chinese food therapy
Chinese guardian lions
Chinese handball
Chinese herb tea
Chinese in Fiji
Chinese instrument classification
Chinese intelligence operations in the United States
Chinese jade
Chinese knotting
Chinese law
Chinese linking rings
Chinese marriage
Chinese musicology
Chinese mythology
Chinese nobility
Chinese opera
Chinese pagoda
Chinese painting
Chinese pancake
Chinese paper folding
Chinese parsnip root
Chinese patent medicine
Chinese people in Bangladesh
Chinese pyramids
Chinese red eggs
Chinese rock
Chinese scholar's rocks
Chinese script styles
Chinese silver
Chinese spirit possession
Chinese spoon
Chinese steamed eggs
Chinese stingray
Chinese style name
Chinese sweet tea
Chinese tea
Chinese tea culture
Chinese television drama
Chinese terms for God
Chinese units of measurement
Chinese variety art
Chinese women in space
Ching Chung Koon
Ching Lai Court
Ching Siu-tung
Chingmy Yau
Chip Tsao
Chirathivat family
Chire Koyama
Chiu Chi-ling
Cho Tat-wah
Chocolate Agency
Chocolate Pipistrelle
Choi Hung Estate
Choi Ki Ho
Choi Kwok-wai
Choi York Yee
Cholon, Ho Chi Minh City
Chong Heihu
Chong Wai-kin
Chong Yingbiao
Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Chop suey
Chor Lau-heung (1979 TV series)
Chor Yuen
Choti Lamsam
Chou Tao
Chow Chi Yuen
Chow Ching Lie
Chow Chung
Chow Kwen Lim
Chow Tai Fook Enterprises
Chow Tsz Ki
Chow Yam-nam
Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital
Chris Liu
Chris West
Chrissie Chau
Christian Hadinata
Christianity in Hunan
Christianity in Shanghai
Christianity in Zhejiang
Christine Ng
Christine Reiler
Christopher Reid
Christy Chung
Christy Hui
Christy Ren
Chronicle of a Blood Merchant
Chu (state)
Chu Bo
Chu Ching-wu
Chu Ci
Chu Han Zhengxiong
Chu Nom
Chua Lam
Chua Poi Suan
Chuah Guat Eng
Chuang Tapestry
Chuanqi Huangdi Zhu Yuanzhang
Chuanshan Archipelago
Chui Tien-you
Chun Kwan Temple
Chun Kwan
Chung Ching Yee
Chung King-fai
Chung Nam Group of Companies
Chung Wah Chinese Broadcasting Company
Chung Wai-ming
Chungking Express
Chungking Mansions
Chunlan Group
Chunyu Kun
Church of Our Saviour (Jacksonville, Florida)
Chuti Tiu
Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture
Chuzi I
Cibotium barometz
Cili County
Cilla Kung
Cindy Au
Cindy Cheung (actress)
Cinema Popular
Cinepoly Records
Cinnamomum aromaticum
Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads
Citroën Elysée
Citroën Fukang
Citroën Metropolis
Citrus long-horned beetle
City Contemporary Dance Company
City Forum
City God Temple of Shanghai
City Hall Ferry Pier
City Hunter (film)
City One
City Under Siege (film)
City University of Hong Kong Law Review
City Wall of Nanjing
City Without Baseball
City of Damnation
City of Glass (film)
City of Life and Death
City on Fire (1987 film)
Citylink Plaza
Citywalk, Hong Kong
Civic Party
Civil service of the People's Republic of China
Ciyun Temple (Huai'an)
Cizhou ware
Claire Yiu
Clans of Intrigue
Clara Elizabeth Chan Lee
Clara Law
Clarence Fok
Clarke Abel
Classic of Arts
Classic of History
Classical Chinese
Classical Chinese poetry
Classical Chinese poetry forms
Classical Chinese poetry genres
Classical office furniture
Clay Figure Zhang
Claypot chicken rice
Clematis napaulensis
Clementi Secondary School
Clerical script
Cliff inscriptions
Clifton Ko
Close Up (album)
Co-co! Magazine
Coal power in the People's Republic of China
Cobra (Chinese band)
Cochin (chicken)
Cocktail (2006 film)
Cocktail bun
Codename Cougar
Coffee pods and capsules
Cold Food Festival
Coleophora climacopterae
Collections of the Palace Museum
Collective Man
Colleen Lee
College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Wuhan University
College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Xinjiang Medical University
Comac C919
Come Drink with Me
Comedy Dave
Comic King
Coming Home (Faye Wong album)
Communication University of China
Communist Youth League of China
Computer Software Rating Regulation
Concert Number6
Condica conducta
Cong Su
Cong Xuedi
Congjiang County
Connie Mak
Consort Chen Farong
Consort Chen Miaodeng
Consort Dowager Cao
Consort Feng Yuan
Consort Guo (Jingzong)
Consort Guo (Yizong)
Consort Li (Zhenzong)
Consort Niu
Consort Pan
Consort Zhang Lihua
Consort clan
Contemporary Chinese Thought and the Question of Modernity
Convergence for Development
Conversational Chinese 301
Cookie salad
Cora Miao
Corey Yuen
Corinna Chamberlain
Corvus (Chinese astronomy)
Cosmopolitan Hotel
Country Spirit
Couple's Retreat Garden
Courtney Yates
Crack seed
Craig Fong
Crash Landing (1999 film)
Crazy English
Crazy Mouse
Crazy Shagdar
Crazy Stone
Cream bun
Creature House Expression
Crescent Moon Society
Crickets as pets
Crimson Sabre
Crispy fried chicken
Cristina Fontanelli
Croad Langshan
Cross-Harbour Tunnel
Cross-country skiing at the 2007 Asian Winter Games
Crossing the bridge noodles
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Crown Prince Dan of Yan
Crown of Beauty Theatre
Crows and Sparrows
Crux (Chinese astronomy)
Cruz Teng
Cry Me a River (film)
Cry Woman
Crystal Jade Culinary Concept Holdings
Cui Bai
Cui Cha
Cui Guoyin
Cui Jian
Cui Weiping
Cui Yongyuan
Cui Zhaowei
Cui Zizhong
Cuisine of Mauritius
Cultural Palace of Nationalities
Culture Express
Currency Wars
Curse of the Golden Flower
Cursive script (East Asia)
Custom Robo (Nintendo 64)
Cy Young (animator)
Cyanide (company)
Cyber Weapon Z
Cynical realism
Cynthia Calderón

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