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I-CABLE News Channel (Hong Kong)
I-Cable Communications
ICAC Investigators (television series)
ING Cup (football)
IQue Player
ITU Telecom World 2006
I Am Alive
I Ching's influence
I Ching
I Corrupt All Cops
I Liq Chuan
I Love Beijing
I Love My Family
I Love You (2002 film)
Ian Gouw
Idy Chan
If You Are the One
Igor Kolodinsky
Ijaz Ahmed (wushu)
Ikatan Naturopatis Indonesia
Ilex brachyphylla
Illicium anisatum
Illicium verum
Imar Film Company
Imperial Ancestral Temple
Imperial Bank of China
Imperial Chinese missions to Ryūkyū Kingdom
Imperial City, Beijing
Imperial Inspector Minister
Imperial consorts of Tang China
In Search of the Supernatural
In That Distant Place (2009 Chinese TV series)
In that place wholly faraway
In the Line of Duty (film series)
In the Mood for Love
Ina-Alice Kopp
Ina Codreanu
Incense in China
India at the 2008 Summer Olympics
Indian Chinese cuisine
Indochinese martial arts
Indus (Chinese astronomy)
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Ingratiate Oneself
Ingrid Noll
Initial D (film)
Ink brush
Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
Inner Mongolia Finance and Economics College
Inner Mongolia Medical College
Inner Mongolia Museum
Inner Mongolia Normal University
Inner Mongolia University of Technology
Inner Mongolia
Inner painting
Innisfree Garden
Innovation Tower
Inseparable (film)
Inside Fighting China
Inside the Forbidden City
Institute of Biophysics
Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute of High Energy Physics
Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology
Insurance industry in China
International Finance Centre
Internet/Intranet Input Method Framework
Internet Society of China
Internet in China
Intro Music Festival
Ip Man (film)
Ipoh cuisine
Iran at the 1990 Asian Games
Irene Chou
Irene Dwomoh
Irene Incident
Irene Ryder
Irene Tsu
Irene Wan
Irma Vep
Iron & Silk (1990 film)
Iron Age China
Iron Lion of Cangzhou
Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin
Iron Pagoda
Iron rice bowl
Isa Alptekin
Isaac Mao
Isabel Ingram
Isabella (2006 film)
Isabella Leong
Islam Akhun
Island Resort (Hong Kong)
Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong
Itagonia cordiformis
Ivan Desny
Ivan Heng
Ivana Wong
Ivy Ho
Ivy Ling Po
Iwasa Matabei

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