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OSS Detachment 101
O Zhang
Oak Pacific Interactive
Obaku Dokuryu
Ocean Park Hong Kong
Ocean University of China
Oceane Zhu
Octans (Chinese astronomy)
Octopus Holdings Limited
Odd Couple (film)
Ode to Gallantry (2002 TV series)
Ode to Gallantry (film)
Ode to Gallantry
Off the Wall (Atari 2600)
Oi Man Estate
Oil noodles
Oksana Hatamkhanova
Old City of Shanghai
Old Master Q
Old Stanley Police Station
Old Wan Chai Post Office
Old Well (film)
Ole Scheeren
Olga Georges-Picot
Oli Pettigrew
Olivia Cheng
Omicron Aquarii
On the Mountain of Tai Hang
Once Upon a Time in China (film series)
Once Upon a Time in China II
Once Upon a Time in China
Once a Gangster
One's Company
One-Armed Swordsman
One Hundred Poems From the Chinese
One Lujiazui
One Person, Two Roles
One and Eight
One bowl with two pieces
One inch punch
One syllable article
Ong Eng Guan
Ong Kee Hui
Only Love Strangers
Only You (2011 TV series)
Open University of China
Open University of Hong Kong
Optical 88
Option Zero
Oracle bone script
Orange Sky Golden Harvest
Orange chicken
Orange cuttlefish
Order of National Glory
Order of the Sacred Tripod
Ordos International Circuit
Ordos Mongolian
Organ transplantation in the People's Republic of China
Oriental Heroes
Oriental Pearl Tower
Oriental University City
Original (film)
Orrin Freeman
Oscar Tang
Osman Hung
Ospan Batyr
Osteoblast milk protein
Ostrya rehderiana
Ot Ene
Other Tales of the Flying Fox
Ou Jingbai
Ou Peng
Ou Shizi
Outline of Mongolia
Ouyang Kunpeng
Ouyang Xiaofang
Ouyang Yu
Overload (Chinese rock band)
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
Overseas Chinese restaurant
Ox-Head and Horse-Face
Ox-tongue pastry
Oyster pail
Oyungerel Gankhuyag

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