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R&F Properties
RMS Empress of China (1891)
RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards
Race Wong
Rachael Cox
Rachel Cheung
Rachel Tan
Rachman Halim
Radical (Chinese character)
Radio Guangdong Voice of the City
Radovan Siljevski
Rafael Hui
Rage and Passion
Railways in Jiangsu
Rajah & Tann
Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Ralph Pixton
Ralph Ting
Raman Hui
Rambler Channel
Rambler Crest
Ran Zhi
Randeng Daoren
Random Thoughts (Faye Wong album)
Randy LaPolla
Rao (Chinese surname)
Raoping County
Raoua Tlili
Rat Na
Ray Cordeiro
Ray Li (magazine)
Ray Lui
Raymond Cho (actor)
Raymond Chow Kwok Cheung
Raymond Chow
Raymond Lam
Raymond To
Raymond Wong (actor)
Raymond Wong (composer)
Raymond Wong (film presenter)
Re gan mian
Realm of the Titans
Rebecca Chan
Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lim
Rebecca Pan
Rebecca Zhu
Rebellion of Cao Qin
Red Azalea
Red Boy
Red China Blues: My Long March from Mao to Now
Red Cliff (film)
Red Detachment of Women (ballet)
Red Gate Gallery
Red Scarf Girl
Red Seabeach
Red Sorghum
Red Star Over China
Red Tortoise Cake
Red bean ice
Red bean paste
Red cooking
Red panda
Rediffusion Television
Rediscovering the Yangtze River
Reed Flute Cave
Reference News
Reflections of China
Regan Oey
Regiane Andrade
Regina Ip
Regina Kent
Regular script
Regulated verse
Rehmannia glutinosa
Reincarnated (TV series)
Relic of an Emissary
Remorse at Death
Ren Mei'e
Ren Xun
Ren Ye
Renewable energy in the People's Republic of China
Renmin University of China
Renminbi currency value
Renshou County
Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission
Restless (Faye Wong album)
Reticulum (Chinese astronomy)
Return of the Sentimental Swordsman
Return the Pearl to Thee
Reuben Kee
Rhaphiolepis indica
Rhinoceroses in ancient China
Rice baijiu
Rice noodle roll
Rice production in China
Rice vinegar
Rich and Famous (1987 film)
Richard Grieve
Richard Jones (photojournalist)
Richard Loo
Richard Low
Richard Ng
Richard Ng six star gau gau zan
Richard Poon
Richard Rivalee
Richard Wang
Richard Yap
Richards Bay Coal Terminal
Rickshaw Boy (film)
Rickshaw Boy
Ricky Hui
Ricky Lo
Ricky Wong (Hong Kong businessman)
Ricky Yang
Rico Tan
Riding the Iron Rooster
Ridley Tsui
Riich (automobile)
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky
Rimbunan Hijau
Rinchen Barsbold
Ringo Lam
Rise of the Great Wall
Rita Fan
Rita Lau
River Elegy
River of Wine
Riviera Gardens
Riza Santos
Road to Dawn
Roasted barley tea
Robert Budi Hartono
Robert Isaac Lee
Robert Kuok
Robert Ng
Robert Zollitsch (composer)
Robin Chan (businessman)
Robin Li
Robin Shou
Rodyk & Davidson
Roewe 350
Roger Ball
Roger Ing
Roger Kwok
Roger Lee
Roman Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong
Roman Catholic Diocese of Macau
Romance in Mekong River
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2009 animation)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (TV series)
Romance of the West Chamber
Romantic Energy
Romer's Tree Frog
Ron Heung
Ron Ng
Ron van Clief
Rong Guotuan
Rong Qiqi
Rong River
Ronggui Subdistrict
Ronny Tong
Ronny Yu
Root carving
Rosalind Chao
Rosamund Kwan
Rosary Church
Rose, Rose, I Love You
Rose Chan
Rosemary Vandenbroucke
Roshni Kaur Soin
Rouge Inkstone
Round Eyes in the Middle Kingdom
Route 13 (Laos)
Route 3 (Laos)
Roy Cheung
Roy Chiao
Roy Sagnik
Royal Plaza Hotel (Hong Kong)
Royal Tramp (TV series)
Ruan Fangfu
Ruan Ji
Ruan Lingyu
Ruan Xiaowu
Ruan Yuan
Ruan zha li ji
Rubus coreanus
Rubus phoenicolasius
Ruby Chow
Ruby Yang
Ruco Chan
Rudy Hartono
Rugao High School
Rugby union in China
Rui En
Rui Fu Xiang
Rui Watanabe
Rumble in the Bronx
Run Papa Run
Runda Copper
Ruo Shui
Rupert Hoogewerf
Rural society in China
Ruse of Engagement
Rushan (cheese)
Russel Wong
Russian Caravan
Ruth Graham
Ruth Harkness
Ruyi (scepter)
Ryenchinii Choinom
Rynn Lim

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